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Fireside Chat Speaker & Recording

On Thursday, October 15th, the NEU Blockchain Organization hosted Osho Jha, Founding Partner at dClimate, and Co-Founder & Chief Data Scientist at Arbol.

The recording of the event can be found here. The recording breaks down who dClimate is and what they are doing. We also discussed how blockchain can start to hold companies accountable and increase access to climate data. And much more…

Watch the Recording:

dClimate Resources & API

dClimate Whitepaper

Construction Worksite App


Event Highlights

Need a lot of granular data for weather that can apply to multiple areas:

  • Insurance, construction companies aimed for decentralizing insurance, built data infrastructure decentralized
  • Can handle nuances of climate data
  • revisions
  • store revisions
  • have all data stored under one API
  • why decentralized? it belongs to all of us, to the world, too important to be a centralized → governance token

What sparked interest in starting ur company?

  • inspiration: AWS
  • Accuweather — publicly available data

The misconception of blockchain as a whole?

  • bitcoin mining requires proof of work — consume a lot of energy
  • Go the green route — china banning mining — because the process uses a lot of resources, electricity
  • eth is moving to proof of stake — energy efficient, not as secure, not as strong as proof of work

dClimate focus, hardware to improve climate data collection:

  • 2 main problems: access and coverage
  • get paid to collect data

Cost structure to use dClimate Marketplace

  • currently have everything for free
  • the tech is mostly back-ended, UI is more straightforward, token only represents governance token (gets a share of the network revenue)

Carbon market:

  • no sense when carbon footprints offset each other
  • the market lacks accountability and is not data-driven
  • Double counting is happening everywhere

Future application of blockchain:

  • NFT market, lots of use cases
  • decentralization cost more, moving forward it might become cheaper, it’s more secure than cloud
  • the market has seen the failure of valuing speed over robustness

Learn more about NEU Blockchain Organization

For more resources about future events join our community:

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Event Recap by Alyson Liu and Bennett Thompson

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