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2 min readMar 28, 2022
Nansen + NEU Blockchain

We invited John Calabrese, Head of Product at Nansen to talk about Nansen, the markets, and the metrics to look out for.

Checkout our YouTube channel for the recording of the session.

What is Nansen?

Nansen surfaces the signal from blockchain data.It’s moto is to follow the money.

Nansen emphasises heavily on on-chain data to predict the performance of a cryptocurrency. They track the activity of many wallet addresses that have out-performed everyone else. Nansen started as an analytical company with the goal to extract as much information as possible from the Ethereum blockchain.

According to Nansen, there are two problems with on-chain analytics: Wallets are unknown and analytics is impractical. Ethereum blockchain is huge and there are millions of wallets with anonymous holders so extracting relevant information is similar to finding needle in haystack.

Who are Nansen’s biggest competitors and how they differentiate themselves?

Dune is the biggest competitor of Nansen which provides similar powerful analytical tools. The biggest difference between the two is that Dune is more suited for experienced users who know querying and how to use sql, whereas anyone can use Nansen.

Nansen for Institutions vs Users?

Institutions get benefit from API a direct access to database they can query, other than that, both parties get the same products.

Will there be a Nansen token or NFT?

Unfortunately John is not supposed to answer that.

Most popular charts

With Nansen’s free subscription you can access Eth gas tracker that shows you median gas price, transactions, where the most gas is being consumed, and many more stats related to gas.

NFT Paradise and Indexes, provide you with information about NFT sales, change in buyers, most active projects, sales in marketplaces and much more.

Who can join Nansen?

Nansen is very open to new ideas and has many open tech/non-tech roles. If you don’t have a technical background, you can join the team as a community manager, label data, graphics and more. If you are into tech and know sql, you can join the research team, create models, and more analytical tools




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