Huskies take on Hack Boston 2022!

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2 min readOct 5, 2022

Members of the NEU Blockchain club took Hack Boston by storm two weeks ago, pooling in over $25,000 in prizes!

As you can see it was all smiles from our fellow huskies as we formed teams and got to building!

The hackathon took place at Harvard’s SOCH and was made possible thanks to EasyA and Reach.

Hack Boston boasts the title of being the first student blockchain conference at Harvard University and consisted of 8 tracks with over $100k in prizes! There were several events taking place at Harvard’s SOCH ranging from workshops, panels, and a fireside chat.

We would like to congratulate the nine winners, as well as all participants representing Northeastern, at Hack Boston for rising to the occasion and expressing their creative and technical skills on-chain! The future is Husky…

The Verifund team built a crowdfunding Dapp to enable secure and faster donations

Prize Winners Include:

Algopay — 1st $5,000 (Algorand Track)

CryptoLice — 1st place $2,500 (BNB Track)

Colosseum — 1st place $2,500 (Cartesi Track)

VeriFund — 1st place $3,500 (The Graph Track)

Verifund — 2nd place $4,000 (Telos Track)

Plutus Finance — 1st place $2,000 (EasyA Track)

Frens Protocol — 3rd place $2,000 (Klaytn Track)

Frens Protocol — 3rd place $1,000 Cartesi Track)

Frens Protocol — 3rd place $1,000 (BNB Track)

Assembler — 2nd place $1,500 (BNB Track)

2 runner-ups (EasyA Track)

The team behind Cryptolice celebrating a first place victory for their creative use of BNB Chain’s AvengerDAO to protect users from scams and bad actors.



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