My Wide-Eyed Takeaways From the MIT Bitcoin Expo

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2 min readApr 22, 2023

Written by NEU Blockchain Alpha Research:

Cole Christiana (VP of R&D),

Although I could only attend for the first day — thank you, Northeastern finals — I witnessed some strong themes at this year’s Expo. Below, I concisely discuss a few.

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Firstly, let’s talk about attendance…

The first morning was far from crowded.

This intimacy allowed for more genuine conversations, interactions, and networking — an amazing opportunity to personally connect with some incredible people in Web3.

The few that attended were truly passionate for blockchain.

If prices are down, the hype ceases to exist — and what remains are those who love the tech.

Students yearning for opportunity should attend these events!

I hesitate to share this secret, but if you are passionate and outgoing, you will probably find some opportunity to gain work experience and contribute to Web3.

Inspiration to solve problems with blockchain was abundant.

(Inspired by the Emerging Markets panel.) Those on the cutting edge of blockchain are employing it to solve problems across the globe — specifically, in countries such as Argentina and Kenya, where citizens may not have legal identities or access to a secure banking system. Similarly, privacy and trust were considered in these discussions as other significant values that must be protected in the future.


This theme can be summarized in two words: Gary Gensler. There was a resounding disappointment in U.S. regulators — a torrent rain on our parade. And justifiably so: if our regulators cannot even define processes to govern and direct the ongoing innovation, then you leave our innovators vulnerable, confused, and resolving to build their projects outside the U.S., away from the possibility to get rekt by the SEC or other governmental agencies for doing something THEY DID NOT KNOW they could not do.

A Final Personal Reflection

Whenever I step foot on campus, my eyes open wide in excitement — and attending this year’s MIT Bitcoin Expo was no different. I left with some incredible new friends, potentially new opportunities to contribute to Web3, and a burning inspiration to solve problems with blockchain technology — to bring about a more secure, transparent, efficient, sustainable future for people that do not have the same security and financial privileges that most of us take for granted.



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