Northeastern Blockchain’s Kickoff Event with Hyperledger

On Monday, September 13th, the NEU Blockchain Organization kicked off its first-ever in-person event. We recorded an attendance of over 60 people in person and over zoom combined! In case you missed the meeting, the recording of the event can be found here. The slide deck presented by Hyperledger can be found here.

This Thursday, September 16th from 5–6 PM EST, we are hosting a Wallets & Tokenomics Workshop in collaboration with Bentley Blockchain Association and Babson Blockchain Club. Make sure to RSVP here for you to receive the Zoom link. Next Monday, September 20th we are joined by John Hargrave for an Investing in Crypto fireside chat. Be sure to join our Slack and Newsletter to stay up to date, both can be found here.

About NEU Blockchain Organization Recap

In case you couldn’t make it, the Neu Blockchain Organization’s E-board talked about the goals and initiatives for the fall semester which includes our weekly Monday speaker series and technical workshops scattered throughout the semester, research initiatives, led be Jeremy, for students to engage with professionals and their peers, and small projects led by Nolan, Director of Technology, to build with Rust and Solidity. Later this month we will announce a Crypto Trading Game with prizes for the top 3 winners!

The Blockchain team is currently looking to add a Co-Director of Marketing to the team and teams of researchers depending on skill levels. Please email if you are interested in applying.

Hyperledger Recap

Hyperledger is an umbrella project of open-source blockchains and related tools. Our key takeaways from the event include:

  • Projects of all sorts have utilized the open-source community. For example, Hyperledger highlighted companies in Finance, Central Bank Digital Currencies, Banking, Environment, and Supply Chain Management. All of which make use of blockchain technologies and Hyperledger.
  • Hyperledger is a vast project with thriving communities, and if anyone wanted to experience with open source projects, they were sure to find a place where their talents would be needed.
  • Hyperledger has Mentorship and Internship pathways to connect with other professionals and build more experience. Read more here.

Written by Bennett Thompson



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