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2 min readMar 22, 2022

We’re very proud to announce that we’ve been granted 2.5 million $TRIBE in delegation by venture capital firm a16z! This partnership is one of many in a16z’s university delegation program, a push for decentralization by giving students the opportunity to further advance the development of numerous DeFi protocols. We at NEU Blockchain are focused on helping make Tribe protocols widely adopted. With our talented team, we aim to be the most active university in the ecosystem by both voting on and writing our own improvement proposals.

Who we are

NEU Blockchain is the student organization dedicated to advancing blockchain education, research and development at Northeastern University. We’re a diverse group of students with a passion for the blockchain and crypto space. Our mission is to provide opportunities for our students and give back to the crypto community. We’re doing just that with over five Northeastern crypto startups valued in the millions.

What is the Tribe DAO?

The Tribe DAO currently consists of four projects: Fei Protocol, Rari Capital, Volt Protocol, and Midas Capital. The Tribe DAO is consistently working on creating lasting partnerships with other protocols and DAOs, bootstrapping liquidity, performing token swaps, and providing various fuse pools to allow decentralized lending and liquidity to users. Its services including Tribe Turbo, Liquidity-as-a-Service, and decentralized fuse pools allow growing protocols to use FEI as a stablecoin for funding, liquidity, and usage within protocols.

Why we’re getting involved

NEU Blockchain sees a huge upside potential in the Tribe DAO. After numerous protocol “acquisitions”, Tribe has evolved past an algorithmic stablecoin and now hosts numerous platforms for borrowing/lending on Ethereum and even cross-chain. The Tribe DAO innovates by making it easier to fund protocols with its Protocol Controlled Value, increasing decentralized funding. We as an organization are excited by the continuous possibilities made by the Fei Protocol as a stablecoin and Tribe DAO as a community.

Our mission

NEU Blockchain hopes to vote on as many proposals as possible based on our informed group of governance members. We would like to provide comments from individuals and as an organization throughout various Fei Improvement Proposals suggested by other community members. We eventually look forward to providing proposals as an organization as we increase our activity and knowledge within the Tribe DAO.

Our governance structure

Our team is a mix of fourteen undergraduate and graduate students. On each Snapshot Fei Improvement Proposal, we’ll be requiring full participation from our team and at least nine members in favor to make a vote. This is subject to change based on the number of voting choices on a FIP but we are dedicated to making a popular vote on our end.

Wallet address

If you’d like to delegate us tokens for Fei or another protocol, or would like to donate to our student organization, please use the public wallet address below!




NEU Blockchain Organization

A student-led organization dedicated to advancing blockchain education, development, and research.